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24/7 lab services in Henderson County

All day, every day the certified medical technologists and medical lab technicians at UT Health Athens work to deliver your test results in an accurate and timely manner. Many tests are analyzed in-house with outcomes made available in a matter of hours. Others are sent to a reference lab for analysis and may take longer to process.

Among the services we provide are

  • bacterial and viral cultures
  • basic drug screens
  • basic metabolic panels
  • blood cell (red and white) data
  • blood cultures
  • blood draws
  • blood gas analysis
  • blood sugar (glucose) tests
  • body fluid analysis
  • hemoglobin and hematocrit review
  • cholesterol testing
  • coagulation monitoring
  • kidney and liver disease testing
  • mononucleosis tests
  • platelet count
  • pregnancy tests
  • PSA testing for prostate cancer
  • strep throat, flu and respiratory syncytial virus tests
  • therapeutic drug monitoring
  • thyroid tests
  • transfusion services
  • urinalysis

The laboratory at UT Health Athens follows OSHA guidelines, is accredited by the College of American Pathologists, and is regularly reviewed by The Joint Commission.

For more information about the laboratory services at UT Health Athens, please call 903-676-2121.