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Reviews for William R. Giles Jr., MD


its a clean place every one is processual and friendly, my doctor William Giles is a great doctor, i like him he comes to the point and tells you what is the best for you.

   — Petra Northweather


Professional staff and Dr Giles listens and made a recommendation that I should get the pneumonia vaccine which I will soon. I am a new patient and was treated as a valued patient.

   — Ross Flanigan


Excellent Doctor and his staff is excellent!

   — Glenn Davidenko


Dr. Giles is a very good physician and I really like how he interacts with his patients and their loved ones. I'm a registered nurse for many years and I have observed doctors with their patients and I think Dr. Giles is very caring and patient. He talks to his patients respectfully and answers their questions. My husband is nervous when he goes to the doctor and Dr. Giles' manner with him really puts him at ease. His staff are wonderful too! ūüĎć

   — Carol Isbell


Dr Giles and his staff are wonderful. I may have to wait a while, but it's worth it. He always takes care of me. His staff is very courteous and they promptly wait on everyone. My husband and I are very pleased.

   — Angelina Garcia


Very caring Facility treat you well staff are very kind.Doctor really cares and listens to you. Wait time a little long some times but it's ok.

   — Arlene Jones


Always been a good doctor for me i like the people in the office and they are always helpfull

   — Ronney Emerson


Excellent doctor...he truly cares for his patients....and he is very this doctor...

   — Rene Manning


Explains condition thoroughly and options to assist condition clearly. Takes time to talk with each patient, friendly, and wholesome doctor.

   — Nicholas Corrado


Like his open direct manner very professional

   — D Swift


He has always genuinely cared me as well as my mother.

   — Melissa Lenox


Great doctor, easy to talk to! Listens to your needs and explains to you in terms you can understand. Always treats you like he cares.

   — Shelah Bishop


Enjoyed working with Dr Giles, Emily and Katie during my Dec. through April sessions of cardiopulmonary rehab. and felt all was worthwhile efforts.

   — Joseph Williamson


Dr. Giles has always treated me with respect and listens to what I have to say.

   — Good Dr.


I got in and out quickly at dr. Giles office and was a workin.

   — Nicholas Corrado


Dr Giles and Dawn are a CLASS ACT. His diagnosis are accurate. He makes good use of time and explains fully. Dawn does not hesitate to call and relay all important info. I really do not see how they can improve on anything.

   — Maureen Killeen


My husband saw Dr Giles as a new patient and we were very impressed with his knowledge and caring.

   — Mary Boling


Met Dr. Giles as a precursor to PT. Impressed with depth of his questions in regard to health and attention in listening to the replies given. Staff appeared well versed in job duties and were attentive to needs.

   — WDG


Dr. Giles took time to listen to my problems, and did all the right things to fix them. He is a very kind and also very professional. I highly recommend him.

   — Loretta Humble


I seen Dr. Giles for several years and then wasn’t able to see him for a long 3 years, but I’m back now and I don’t plan on leaving. He is very caring, he listens to your concerns. He explains his concerns and what he thinks is best for you.

   — Deborah Moore


I have had many doctors in the last several years just looking for anyone to help get my health back on track. Most of the ones that I've had either don't listen or try and push medicine on me that I don't want or need. I found Dr. Giles and he seems to really listen and explain things well. I also love that he doesn't try and make me come back to his office every month if it's not needed. Saves me time and money. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a new primary physician

   — Teresa F.


Dr Giles office has always worked me into his busy schedule on short notice (usually within 24 hours) when I have a health concern.

   — Dale


Dr. Giles really does care about the people he treats. Been with him a number of years and would not see any other Dr.

   — Jerald Kaplan


I like Dr. W. Giles very much. His PA was my doc for several years. I liked him too. I then went to Tyler because all my appointments with other Drs. Could all be in the same place. The long drive became to much for me, Insurance recommended Dr. Giles. I already knew him so that was good. He is a very pleasant- kind man. I often have to cut in on what he's saying because it's hard to get a word in. His PA Danny Fillip was the same way. Like most Drs. Their appts. are schuled too close together so they are always in a hurry. Awesome Dr. though.

   — Sherry Powell


My experiences with Dr. Giles has been nothing short of remarkable. I've never had a doctor treat me with such respect. He is just as concerned about my health as I am. His explanations are clear and concise, and easily understood. In my last visit, he recommended the types of medical deirectives I should have in place soon so that my wishes will be met. In my mind, Dr. Giles is the best and most caring doctor I've ever had.

   — Bob Rodgers


He takes the time to explain everything. He's not a get in and get out Dr.

   — Clyde Wages


He listens. Explains well will repeat what he has already explained n previous visits. His voice is loud and clear my 86 yr mom can hear him and understand him. Staff if friendly professional attentive.

   — Melanie Hutchinson


Dr Giles stayed late to look at my side when I was having severe pains. He made time for me and was very understanding.

   — Pete Holtzman


Waiting time to see the doctor was less than 20 minutes. Dr. Giles listened to very thing that I was concerned about. It is refreshing to have a doctor that listen to you and not trying to rush you out. I had another doctor who treated me the same but he no longer works for UT Health I miss him.

   — Vicki Hightower


Dr Giles always explains in lay terms anything about medicine. He is not an alarmist, but will tell you if you need a specialist.

   — Van Gates


My visit with Dr. Giles was not my first visit but to establish him as my Primary care physician. I actually enjoyed my visit. Dr Giles has an easy bed side manner and very easy to talk with. I got a few prescriptions and had a list of questions answered plus a few new questions which were also answered. I will be having lab work done in the next few days and I am pleased to say Dr. Giles is now my Primary care physician. I have made my next 2 appointments and feel very comfortable with Dr. Giles.

   — Joe Ann Williams


Dr. Giles saw me when my PCP was unavailable. He was patient, empathic and very through.

   — Patricia Rumbaugh


I enjoy going to Dr Giles. He takes his time and answers any and all questions. He works with you to develop your treatment plan.

   — Margaret Carroll


Excellent physician who takes his time and listens

   — Peggy Carroll


I came to Dr. Giles after a particularly frustrating experience with a healthcare provider. I have been so pleased with Dr. Giles. Not only is he personable but I feel that he is genuinely interested in my health care and what I think it as well. This is what anyone would value in a doctor. Thankyou Dr. Giles!

   — Peggy Judd Christian


Quick check in easy Very polite & patience to spare

   — Zeffie Pruitt


Great staff, great doctor. Dr. Giles and staff take the time to listen to your concerns and address them accordingly.

   — Tony White


DR. Giles is excellent, always listens and gives great feed back.

   — James Harper


Listens and has been very polite each time I go there.

   — Anthony Gayton Sr.


Terrible answering service, wanted always do diagnosis over the phone. Hard time reaching office. Dr Giles, mostly a AOK doctor most of time. Left in wind without doctor because complaining answering service. Would really love to have Giles back as a doctor, hard to find someone as good as him now.



Always great service and very orderly in amount of time spent with me or my husband. He listen so then we conclude on effective treatment and follow up if necessary. We make an agreement on what is the best course or treatment or medications are necessary. Dr.William Giles is a compassionate man, yet keeps his medical perspective.

   — Diane Murray


my husband likes him Dr Giles is very nice,he listens to your concerns and ask question's .When i first took my husband to him he saw my husband has had several heart attacks he ordered all kind of test,he does blood work every 6 months to keep a check on him.Dr Giles has good bed side manners i recommend him

   — Deb Parker


I've been seeing Dr. Giles since coming to Gun Barrel almost 3 years ago. I used to be in medical sales and have met an awful lot of Doctors. Dr. Giles is one of the Best I've dealt with as a patient or a salesman. A True Professional and a Gentleman.

   — John Beck


Professional, caring, with a great staff. Thank everyone!

   — Wayne Echelmeyer


He takes the time to explain everything. He's not a get in and get out Dr.

   — Clyde Wages


my husband sees Dr Giles,hes always friendly and listens.

   — Larry Parker


Dr Giles cared for my mother in law for several years. On her last visit before she entered hospice he spent over an hour and a half with her and the family examining her, answering questions, and shedding a few tears as he gave her a good bye hug. I practiced medicine for over forty years and have rarely witnessed a better example of the physician's highest calling - to balance science with caring and to comfort always. Dr Giles has my utmost praise and highest respect for the care he provided.

   — David A. Haymes M.D., F.A.C. P.

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