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Reviews for Susan C. McMullen, MD


Dr McMullen is the best doctor I've ever had and at 76 that's a lot for comparison.

   — Charlotte Dunhill


Dr. McMullen is so professional, she really takes the time to explain everything including what meds it may be, how it will affect you and if there is anything to watch out for. Her team is so warm and helpful, so knowledgeable. Great team!

   — North Texas Food Bank Agency Relations And Programs


Her intellectual gift of empathy while finding out what is wrong with you is amazing. Having been in the medical field I can say this is rare and is a treasure.

   — Patricia Rumbaugh


Dr. McMullen has the best bedside manner. Kind but through. I don't want to go anywhere else.

   — Pat Rumbaugh


Dr. McMullen goes the extra miles to help you feel better or solve your medical problems. I'm Avery complex person and have a truck load of ailments. She is always trying her best to help make me feel better. I do not know what I would do without her. I don't think that I would trust another doctor like I do Dr. McMullen. She's the greatest.

   — Dr. McMullen Is The Greatest !


The visit was pleasant. I was giving professional advice that took care of a long term ailment.

   — Kent Watts


She’s been very helpful and takes plenty of time to listen. Thanks Dr.

   — Bill Hanstrom


She is The Best …. She takes time to Listen… She is very concerned regarding your health. Always tries to give the best possible treatment you whatever is wrong with you.

   — Hayden Parks


This lady Dr.Susan McMullen has great bedside manners. She listens and explains very well!

   — Gloria Brewer


Dr. Susan McMullen is a down to earth doctor.. She makes you feel like family! She never rushes you thru your visit. She listens to what you say. I love her! She's everything a doctor should be, she's very knowledegable, she's very compassionate, caring, she has a great sense of humor, she loves to joke with you, she makes you feel like your important..Great bedside manor, so to speak.. Sometimes we don't always see eye to eye on subjects, but we still respect each others decisions. She quickly notifies me about my test by phone. The only draw back I have is I'm about to move and I'm hoping that I'm not to far away that I have to change Doctor's.. If I do, I hope I can find one exactly like her!

   — Donna S Ray


I have been a patient of Dr. McMullen for over ten years and I have not had a problem with her. She really takes the time to talk to about your concerns and connects with you personally.

   — Kevin


Best family doctor I've ever used. Very efficient stuff and friendly .

   — Dennis Kerr


She listens and is very personable. Makes u feel comfortable. Setup referrals promptly

   — Lori T


As a former medical assistant in Dallas, I can say I know a good doctor and staff from the inside. Dr. McMullen and company are top notch and caring as well!

   — Bev Carpenter


She’s very thorough, really listens to our concerns and does her best to recommend the right treatments. A great example of a a caring doctor!

   — Bev Carpenter


I received the comfort and care I needed my tests and referrals were fast and sufficient

   — Melissa Jackson


The staff and Dr. McMullen are very kind and will help you in any way they can. She makes me and my kid feel comfortable. So glad we foun her.

   — Shauna Manwell


Dr. McMullen is very caring. She relates well to patients, listening to their problems. We love her; she's the best.

   — B J Crow


She has been my doctor for many years , she listens to your concerns and does not try to just give medications as the only answer, If she dosn't know she does her best to find a solution to a problem, overall , Dr. McMullen has helped me live a better life and thats what makes a good doctor!

   — Matt Gentry


Shortest wait time ever. The staff was great and Dr. McMullen was complete in her exam. Great job everyone!

   — Billy White


I am new to her practice and was so very pleased with the time she spent with me. Most of all she listens to you.

   — Carol Jan Wilson


Everyone is nice! Dr. Susan McMullen is wonderful! She is so kind & caring! She is an excellent Doctor! She has helped me so much. She listens to what you have to say, & she doesn't make light of any health problems that you may be going through. She is very smart and knows what she is doing. I am so blessed to have found her & gotten her as my Doctor. I highly recommend this office.

   — Connie Richardson


She is a very good Doctor..She listen to what you have to say.She a very good manor to herself if you don't understand what she is saying she will explain everything to you in detail .She is very kind and she respect you though on certain matters.

   — Linda Kyser


She is an amazing informative correct dr she listens to you and your choices and always does what’s medically best as well gives you natural options if needed I love how quick thinking and fast she is she gets me in out as well always asks about my special needs son as well cared about her patients and families I have had her as my dr over last few years and she is amazing!!!! Her staff is so kind professional always treat you with southern kindness and care

   — Lindsey-Shanell


Dr. McMullen is the best doctor I’ve ever been to. She was so thorough and saved me from absolute agony from misdiagnosed osteoarthritis. Quick to diagnose and got the ball rolling. I’ve had three surgeries now and pain free. She’s amazing!

   — Yvette Taylor


I have used Dr. McMullen for several years. I appreciate she takes the time to listen to me. They never leave me sitting in the waiting room for hours like most doctors. She explains things very well and has always been kind. If you are looking for a down to earth Dr. that knows her stuff give her a try.

   — Shannon Steakley


She is a great dr. If and when i move back down to tx. Im going to see if she will take me back as a patient.

   — Princess Harley Baker


Dr. Susan McMullen has been our family of three , physician. Let me just start by saying she has always been fantastic! We have had her for going on approximately 10 years and never been happier.She doesn't rush you put and even if it looks like lobby is full she still has a smile.She one time caught my husband's Lyme disease so quickly with meds that we knew how smart she is. She never scolds one even if they need to be. She is sincerely caring and to us a perfect example of true kindness . We just love her.

   — Karen Anthony


The best most caring and helpful Dr I've had in all my 48 years my whole family goes to her she's the best Dr in the area, metroplex, 4he state!!

   — Corey Davis


She has such a heart for her patients.

   — D. Redpath


Dr McMullen has been my doctor for several years and I have zero complaints about her or her staff. All of my experiences have been pleasant and informative. I hope to continue to be her patient for years to come!

   — Josh Welch


Today was my first visit with dr Susan McMullen and I must say she is the best doctor I have ever been to. She listens to what you have to say and explains things very good. She doesn’t rush to get out of the room. Very friendly and polite and the staff is amazing. I would highly recommend her I moved here from Garland and have tried several here and I just love her. Glad I found her !! Patricia Carroll

   — Trish Carroll


I truly respect Dr. McMullen. She has been our doctor for years. She listens, she cares, she takes quick and appropriate action to resolve health issues. Thank you, Dr. McMullen for being the doctor and person that you are.

   — Debra Kline


Doctor Susan McMullin is the Best of the Best. since moving to Tyler. I have kept Her as My Doctor. She has taken care of Me for Seven Years. Thank Doctor Susan McMullin for all You did for MeI have decided to take a Doctor closer to home.

   — James Branch


Dr. Susan C McMullen is the best doctor I've ever had. She's been my doctor for several years. She listens to what you have to say and she takes time to ask questions, examine you, and answer your questions. She never makes you feel like you are being rushed. She doesn't just see you as a patient, but a person. If you are sick you can usually get in touch with her over the weekend using her answering service. And during office hours, you can usually be seen the same day or the next day. If there is an emergency, the ER is located in the same building.

   — Kevin Jones


I was a pt of Dr.Mcmullins ,its been 2 yrs since i have seen her due to moving away,I have searched and searched for a dr like her and no luck.She is the only one that gets to THE bottom of my issues.I called to try to get in to see her again and was told no because its been 2 yrs and i have no immediate family that sees her..What does that have to do with my health? Really upsetting even though i have outstanding ins and was a former pt.

   — K O

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