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Reviews for Kranthi Ragireddy, MD


Dr Ragireddy is an awesome doctor and it's too bad he'll be leaving soon. But, sometimes you just have to go on a new adventure. We'll miss him very much and hope I can find someone as good as him. Love his whole staff, his nurses and everyone also they are so kind considerate and very helpful. I also took my granddaughter to see Dr Ragireddy he was very good with her and so was the nurses. She is autism so that helps when everyone is helpful and very patient.

   — Charmaine Mancuso


To find an articulate, educated, holistic Dr is very difficult. He is able to empathize with the patient and a fine example for any facility!

   — Linda A-Blom


Very knowledgeable, professional and friendly.

   — Bart Donaldson


Dr Ragireddy is very Professional and a great listener. He truly cares about our Health.

   — D Leyes


He is very Caring and Great Attitude! He listens to you and explains everything! He is a Great Dr!

   — Marilyn Mccullough


This Doc is the perfect balance between professional and personal. He explained several different things to me which I'd previously been unaware that I didn't know (you don't know what you don't know, right?)... and he's genuinely interested in my understanding as opposed to just listening. I know the office staff isn't the best, but there's been a *lot* of management / clerical changes over the past several years so as far as I'm concerned they're still just in the fine tuning stages. It's unfortunate that there's been so much management / clerical unrest here lately, as every change seems to bring it's own set of pros and cons which take time to get ironed out...but I'm not seeing Dr. Ragireddy because of the front office folks (don't get me wrong, they're not *bad* by any means)...I'm seeing this doctor because *HE* is the one responsible for interpreting my physical maladies and sending off the prescriptions for me. And as far as that goes, he's *Golden*.

   — Some Guy In Texas


Dr. Ragireddy was very thorough, after explaining results he always asked if I had any questions. I felt very comfortable will him and have total confidence in him and his recommendations.

   — Linda Miller


Amazing doctor. Actually listens and respects your opinion.

   — Don Day


Dr. Ragireddy is a great pcp, he listens well and explains everything you ask of him. Staff is very nice and caring. He is very prompt about calling in any meds or orders you need. Very professional Dr and staff! Would highly recommend to anyone.

   — Bob Heck


He is an amazing doctor. He has helped me, been very informative and always follows up with me if needed. He is very caring.

   — Tami


Dr. Ragireddy is a wonderful doctor. He is very intelligent and speaks to you so you will clearly understand the treatment. I would recommend him to anyone.

   — Nature Anguiano


Thorough, well-rounded physician who sees me and my husband. We both like him very much.

   — Michell


I have a great Doctor ,Dr.Radireddy is a very caring Dr.he takes time talking to his patients, he doesn't rush in the room and rush out, he listes to his patients.



Always able to get quik appts..Him and His Staff ALWAYS Friendly and attentive..I get very good care from Him.

   — Gene Mcbrayer


We absolutely adore Dr. Raggiready. My whole family sees this doctor. He's been absolutely amazing with my kiddos and relates well even to my teens. He's efficient and caring and goes above and beyond to ensure we understand decisions he makes. We are more than happy with his staff and the only thing we miss is Mike, our allergist. Keep doing what your doing Doctor. You Rock!!

   — Shannon Dancy


He has an awesome bedside manner. He genuinely cares about jis patients.

   — Tammy


He was an awesome Dr. Loved staff too! Spent time with me , understood , explained. So glad I found him.

   — Annette Jones


My experience is have been great . He listens to me and then take further action in treatment. Got lots of patience. I sincerely trust him and his medical knowledge and his judgment.

   — Gun Barrel


Very nice.Helpful cares about his patients. I REALLY LIKE HIM BEING MY DR.AND HIS NURSE VERY NICE.

   — Michelle Harkness


Dr Ragireddy is thoughtful, kind, compassionate, prompt, and an all together awesome doctor.

   — Shiloh Corley


I began to see Dr. Ragireddy, MD at my yearly physical last December. He and his nurse were very thorough, and I will definitely continue to see him and recommend him to family and friends.

   — Kathy In Tool, Tx


Dr. Ragireddy clearly cares about his patients, he is great at explaining medical situations and procedures, and takes the time to listen to your questions and concerns. Highly recommended!

   — Fairmont, WV

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